dissociated press

So what is this, anyway?

This is the Dissociated Press algorithm, adapted from the GNU Emacs text editor. It will produce random, nonsensical text that has a surprising resemblance to the input.


  1. Paste something—anything—into the input box at the very top.
  2. Click the "Dissociate" button.
  3. Giggle at the output.

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What the knobs are for

This program provides two tunable parameters. The "Fragment size" option controls how many characters of the input gets copied in a single iteration of the program. The default, 2, seems to produce the most satisfying results. but you can experiment with other settings if you like.

The "# of fragments" option just controls how long the output is. More fragments means a longer output text. As you may have guessed, the total length equals the fragment size times the number of fragments.

Finally, the "Clear" button allows you to clear the output box. The "Dissociate" button will clear it automatically, but you may want to clear it yourself.

How it works